You can register your abstract in general or symposium sessions.
Please, choose a session among these 45 listed below to submit it.

General session

GS1 – Airborne pollen
Organizer: Francisco Hilder Magalhães e Silva

GS2 – Cenozoic palynology and botany
Organizers: Silane Aparecida F. da Silva-Caminha & Carlos D’Apólito

GS3 – Forensic palynology
Organizer: Leticia Povilauskas

GS4 – Melissopalynology
Organizers: Ortrud Monika Barth Schatzmayr & Paulino Pereira Oliveira

GS5 – Mesozoic palynology and botany
Organizer: Georgina Del Fueyo

GS6 – Method in palynology and palaeobotany
Organizers: Tânia Lindner Dutra & Jaílson Santos de Novais

GS7 – Paleozoic palynology and botany
Organizer: Mercedes di Pasquo

GS8 – Pollen/Spore morphology
Organizers: Andrea Pereira Luizi-Ponzo, Maria Teresa Buril & Vernie G. Sagun

GS9 – Pollination ecology
Organizer: Luciene Cristina Lima e Lima

GS10 – Quaternary palynology and botany
Organizers: Maria Lúcia Absy & Cynthia Fernandes Pinto da Luz

GS11 – Taphonomy
Organizers: Tânia Lindner Dutra & Jaílson Santos de Novais


Symposium session

SS1 – Advances in long terrestrial pollen records through international cooperation in scientific drilling
Organizers: Timme H. Donders & Laura Sadori

SS2 – An upward outlook on the evolution of plant form: Evo-Devo approaches integrating fossils and living plants
Organizers: Kelly K. S. Matsunaga & Alexandru M. F. Tomescu

SS3 – Atmospheric change as a driver of plant macroevolution
Organizers: Jennifer McElwain & Kevin Boyce

SS4 – Ecophysiological signals of fossil leaves as indicators of environmental, climatic and atmospheric change in deep time
Organizers: Anita Roth-Nebelsick, Lutz Kunzmann, Johanna Kovar-Eder & Karolin Moraweck

SS5 – Ecological insights from palynological and macrofossil analysis of Quaternary deposits
Organizers: Simon Brewer, Thomas Giesecke, Petr Kuneš & Sonia L. Fontana

SS6 – Eocene palaeofloras: new insights into a warm forested ancient earth
Organizers: Carlos Jaramillo & Anne-Marie Tosolini

SS7 – Evolution of biodiversity hotspots
Organizers: Tao Su & Torsten Utescher

SS8 – IAWA symposium: the hydraulic architecture of plants through time
Organizer: Jonathan P. Wilson, Anne-Laure Decombeix & Lisa D. Boucher

SS9 – Long-term vegetation, climate, fire dynamics and human impact in tropical and subtropical ecosystems
Organizers: Hermann Behling, Kamaleddin Alizadeh, Paula A. Rodríguez-Zorro & Siria Biagioni

SS10 – Mountains uplift and its impact on biodiversity
Organizers: Zhou Zhekun & Huang Yongjiang

SS11 – New frontiers and classic studies in Palaeozoic palynology and palynostratigraphy (CIMP-sponsored symposium)
Organizer: John Marshall, Sa’id Al-Hajri & Charles Wellman

SS11a – Saudi Aramco Sponsored Symposium
Organizers: John Marshall, Sa’id Al-Hajri & Charles Wellman

SS12 – New insights on associated Paleozoic to Cenozoic floras and palynofloras from Gondwana
Organizers: Mercedes di Pasquo, Roberto Iannuzzi & Paulo A. Souza

SS13 – Non-pollen palynomorphs as indicators of environmental and anthropogenic processes in palaeoecology: frontiers and advances in methodology and interpretations
Organizers: Encarni Montoya, Lyudmila Shumilovskikh, Renée Enevold & Jean Nicolas Haas

SS14 – Oligocene plant assemblages – change from the old to modern world vegetation
Organizers: Johanna Eder, Steve Manchester & Zlatko Kvacek

SS15 – Palaeobotany and palynology collections: from museums to online databases
Organizers: Cláudia Inês da Silva, Angel Montero, Antonio Mauro Saraiva & Geraldo Aquino

SS16 – Palaeowildfires and their impact on the evolution of terrestrial ecosystems and organisms
Organizers: André Jasper & Dieter Uhl

SS17 – Phanerozoic palynology of Amazonia
Organizers: Carina Hoorn & Rodolfo Din

SS18 – Plant origins and the primary diversification of the terrestrial flora
Organizers: Paul K. Strother & Wilson A. Taylor

SS19 – Pollen-based Holocene land-cover reconstructions for climate modelling – PAGES LandCover6k
Organizers: Marie-José Gaillard, Sonia Fontana, Ralph Fyfe, Konrad Gajewski, Ulrika Herschuh, Anupama Krishnamurthy, Anne-Marie Lézine, Rob Marchant, Jack Williams & Qinghai Xu

SS20 – Terrestrial response of the Triassic – Jurassic boundary events: evidence from palaeobotany and palynology
Organizers: Yongdong Wang, Mihai Popa, Vivi Vajda, Stephen McLouglian, Majka Babacka & Mike Pole

SS21 – The Mesozoic plant fossil cuticles: comparative anatomy, fine structures and their significances for evolution and palaeoenvironmental change
Organizers: Gaëtan Guignard, Yongdong Wang, Mihai Popa, Majka Babacka & Georgina Del Fueyo

SS22 – Understanding climate variability in a warmer than present Pliocene World
Organizers: Ulrich Salzmann, Matthew Pound & Stijn De Schepper

SS23 – 100 years after Lennart von Post: advances, achievements and the future of Quaternary palynology
Organizer: Jean Nicolas Haas