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SS9, SS16, SS14, GS5, GS6, GS11

SS3, SS5, SS15,  SS18, GS1, GS3, GS5,
NEPAL Special Meeting

SS20, GS8,
IFPS Council Meeting,
IOP Assembly

SS11, SS11a, SS23, GS4, GS9
ALPP Assembly

GS2, GS7, SS8, SS19












IFPS Council Meeting

SS7, SS9, SS12, GS5

SS1, SS4, SS5,
IOP Executive Committee Meeting

SS10, SS13, SS21, GS10,
IFPS & IOP Council Meeting

GS10, SS2, SS11a, SS22

GS2, GS7, SS6, SS17




Opening Ceremony (19h)

Poster Session

Poster Session

Poster Session

Poster Session

Poster Session

Congress Dinner (optional) (20h-)

Closing Ceremony (18h)

General Sessions

GS1 – Airborne pollen
Organizer: Francisco Hilder Magalhães e Silva

GS2 – Cenozoic palynology and botany
Organizers: Silane Aparecida F. da Silva-Caminha & Carlos D’Apólito

GS3 – Forensic palynology
Organizer: Leticia Povilauskas

GS4 – Melissopalynology
Organizers: Ortrud Monika Barth Schatzmayr & Paulino Pereira Oliveira

GS5 – Mesozoic palynology and botany
Organizer: Georgina Del Fueyo

GS6 – Method in palynology and palaeobotany
Organizers: Tânia Lindner Dutra & Jaílson Santos de Novais

GS7 – Paleozoic palynology and botany
Organizer: Mercedes di Pasquo

GS8 – Pollen/Spore morphology
Organizers: Andrea Pereira Luizi-Ponzo, Maria Teresa Buril & Vernie G. Sagun

GS9 – Pollination ecology
Organizer: Luciene Cristina Lima e Lima

GS10 – Quaternary palynology and botany
Organizers: Maria Lúcia Absy & Cynthia Fernandes Pinto da Luz

GS11 – Taphonomy
Organizers: Tânia Lindner Dutra & Jaílson Santos de Novais


Symposium Sessions

SS1 – Advances in long terrestrial pollen records through international cooperation in scientific drilling
Organizers: Timme H. Donders & Laura Sadori

SS2 – An upward outlook on the evolution of plant form: Evo-Devo approaches integrating fossils and living plants
Organizers: Kelly K. S. Matsunaga & Alexandru M. F. Tomescu

SS3 – Atmospheric change as a driver of plant macroevolution
Organizers: Jennifer McElwain & Kevin Boyce

SS4 – Ecophysiological signals of fossil leaves as indicators of environmental, climatic and atmospheric change in deep time
Organizers: Anita Roth-Nebelsick, Lutz Kunzmann, Johanna Kovar-Eder & Karolin Moraweck

SS5 – Ecological insights from palynological and macrofossil analysis of Quaternary deposits
Organizers: Simon Brewer, Thomas Giesecke, Petr Kuneš & Sonia L. Fontana

SS6 – Eocene palaeofloras: new insights into a warm forested ancient earth
Organizers: Carlos Jaramillo & Anne-Marie Tosolini

SS7 – Evolution of biodiversity hotspots
Organizers: Tao Su & Torsten Utescher

SS8 – IAWA symposium: the hydraulic architecture of plants through time
Organizer: Jonathan P. Wilson, Anne-Laure Decombeix & Lisa D. Boucher

SS9 – Long-term vegetation, climate, fire dynamics and human impact in tropical and subtropical ecosystems
Organizers: Hermann Behling, Kamaleddin Alizadeh, Paula A. Rodríguez-Zorro & Siria Biagioni

SS10 – Mountains uplift and its impact on biodiversity
Organizers: Zhou Zhekun & Huang Yongjiang

SS11 – New frontiers and classic studies in Palaeozoic palynology and palynostratigraphy (CIMP-sponsored symposium)
Organizer: John Marshall, Sa’id Al-Hajri & Charles Wellman

SS11a – Saudi Aramco Sponsored Symposium
Organizers: John Marshall, Sa’id Al-Hajri & Charles Wellman

SS12 – New insights on associated Paleozoic to Cenozoic floras and palynofloras from Gondwana
Organizers: Mercedes di Pasquo, Roberto Iannuzzi & Paulo A. Souza

SS13 – Non-pollen palynomorphs as indicators of environmental and anthropogenic processes in palaeoecology: frontiers and advances in methodology and interpretations
Organizers: Encarni Montoya, Lyudmila Shumilovskikh, Renée Enevold & Jean Nicolas Haas

SS14 – Oligocene plant assemblages – change from the old to modern world vegetation
Organizers: Johanna Eder, Steve Manchester & Zlatko Kvacek

SS15 – Palaeobotany and palynology collections: from museums to online databases
Organizers: Cláudia Inês da Silva, Angel Montero, Antonio Mauro Saraiva & Geraldo Aquino

SS16 – Palaeowildfires and their impact on the evolution of terrestrial ecosystems and organisms
Organizers: André Jasper & Dieter Uhl

SS17 – Phanerozoic palynology of Amazonia
Organizers: Carina Hoorn & Rodolfo Din

SS18 – Plant origins and the primary diversification of the terrestrial flora
Organizers: Paul K. Strother & Wilson A. Taylor

SS19 – Pollen-based Holocene land-cover reconstructions for climate modelling – PAGES LandCover6k
Organizers: Marie-José Gaillard, Sonia Fontana, Ralph Fyfe, Konrad Gajewski, Ulrika Herschuh, Anupama Krishnamurthy, Anne-Marie Lézine, Rob Marchant, Jack Williams & Qinghai Xu

SS20 – Terrestrial response of the Triassic – Jurassic boundary events: evidence from palaeobotany and palynology
Organizers: Yongdong Wang, Mihai Popa, Vivi Vajda, Stephen McLouglian, Majka Babacka & Mike Pole

SS21 – The Mesozoic plant fossil cuticles: comparative anatomy, fine structures and their significances for evolution and palaeoenvironmental change
Organizers: Gaëtan Guignard, Yongdong Wang, Mihai Popa, Majka Babacka & Georgina Del Fueyo

SS22 – Understanding climate variability in a warmer than present Pliocene World
Organizers: Ulrich Salzmann, Matthew Pound & Stijn De Schepper

SS23 – 100 years after Lennart von Post: advances, achievements and the future of Quaternary palynology
Organizer: Jean Nicolas Haas