• Bay of All Saints (Bahia State) – one day
  • Chapada Diamantina (Bahia State) – four days
  • Chapada do Araripe (Ceará State) – five days
  • Natural Monument of the fossilized Tocantins trees (Bielândia / Filadélfia, Tocantins State) – five days

The State of Tocantins has one of the largest petrified forests in the world, called the Natural Monument of the Tocantins Fossil Trees (Monumento Natural das Árvores Fossilizadas do Tocantins – MNAFTO), which has an area of about 32,000 hectares. This rich fossil heritage is located between the cities of Araguaína and Filadélfia, northeast of Tocantins State, and inserted in the geological context of the Parnaíba Basin.

The MNAFTO is a mosaic of natural areas interspersed with areas with livestock activities and human occupation. There are in the region thousands of fossils – gymnosperms (fossil woods), arborescent ferns (fossil woods and tridimensional leaves), and sphenophytes (stems). The fossils are assigned to Mutuca Formation, Permian age.